Juli 22, 2011

Naruto 548

Posted in Puisi pada 6:15 am oleh persadaarihta

When your body gets hurt, blood comes from the wound… and that can make it look paintful.

But after some time pasess, the pain fades away on its own… and if you use medicine, it heals even faster.

But the problem is with wounds in your heart… there’s nothing here that can help fix those.

Wounds on your body and wounds in your heart are kind of different. Unlike wounds on your body there’s no medicine that can treat them…  and they can stay your whole life and never heal.

There’s only one thing… that can heal a wounded heart… but it’s difficult medicine to get a hold of…

Because you can only recieve it from another person. It is Love


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  1. oriie rianzi said,

    Salam kenal kawan ,
    Mari berteman. .
    semangat terus tuk berkarya

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