Februari 22, 2011

Did i do something wrong…

Posted in Puisi pada 9:51 am oleh persadaarihta

did i do something wrong… I thought it when very well. i do not know if i did something wrong, where, what and when it hapenned.

i did not realized a single thing. all i know, i do my best to look good in her eyes. everything is going well but the next day everything is differents. how you look at me, how you respond, how you act, how you fell for me. it differents.

like in film “The Replacements”, Keanu Revees said, that “when everything doing very well, and sudenlly everything going wrong. It’s just like quick sand” . i just knew how it felt. damn that hurt.

it would be better for me to know where my mistakes are. so i can learned from it. but i think i would never know it, because you already cles the door for me. Well i think this what you call “hang out to dry”

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  1. renungan said,

    posting menarik..

    salam kenal

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